Caroline’s Annual National Night Out

July 26, 2017 0

On Tuesday, August 1st, Caroline County will celebrate the National Night Out from 5pm to 8pm across the county. In 1984, a movement of community activists, organizers, and law enforcement put together a series of national activities know as The National Night Delve In

Day Time Television

July 8, 2016 0

For years I’ve marveled at the dripping decline in American culture, convinced that some deprivation of intellect or philosophy, morality, religion, or refined taste was to blame for the state of man in modern America. About a year ago I purchased a Delve In

Iowa Isn’t The Ballgame

January 30, 2016 0

As I scroll through my Facebook feed, it occurs to me that the minute by minute campaign status update and daily polls may have left some American’s with the impression that we will all wake up Tuesday morning to find out who Delve In

The Force Awakens: Why the Critics are Wrong

January 3, 2016 0

I haven’t liked many of the reviews I’ve read regarding Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Some folks thought it was Epic! While others were disappointed and listed all their reasons why. Frankly, I thought it was as good as Episodes 4, 5, Delve In