Everything You Need to Know to Vote June 13th

June 10, 2017 0

There is only one candidate I am endorsing in the 2017 primaries and that is Republican Delegate Glenn Davis for Lieutenant Governor. Not only is Glenn Davis one of the smartest candidates to run for Statewide office in some time, he is Delve In

Caroline County Budget 2017-’18

April 15, 2017 0

Caroline County faces real threats, both in debt and operating costs in the future…. The Caroline County budget adopted last Tuesday is more aggressive than last year, supporting new expenses to the tune of $500,000 for the “implementation of the classification and compensation Delve In

A Study in Caroline Christian Ethics

March 13, 2017 0

In the United States, Virginia, and Caroline County, we have become used to discerning ethics in accordance with socio-ethical, socio-economic, cultural, and partisan differences – as if white and black residents, Baptists and Charismatics, Christians and non-Christians could possibly exist in cohabitation Delve In

Steve Phillips and the TEA Party of The Left?

February 23, 2017 0

Democrats are still reeling from Trump’s victory. This is technically a national issue; however, Democrats in Caroline County have been coming together, recently, for a positive purpose and agenda. Meanwhile, national Democrats are looking to divide and conquer. Writing for the New Delve In

On The Virtue of Local Politics

February 19, 2017 2

At the end of this article there is an “ask” for feedback. If you don’t feel like reading the build up, please just scroll down to the last paragraph and respond.  As the Democrats riot, protest, and engage in national displays of Delve In

Should Caroline County Be Allowed to Tax Cigarettes?

January 10, 2017 0

At present, certain cities can choose to have their own cigarette tax. Ashland, for example, has their own cigarette tax with their own separate stamp. If you purchase a pack of cigarettes in Ashland, you will see two stamps on the bottom Delve In

Can Caroline Conquer Darkness?

January 2, 2017 0

It must be different for you…having lived here so much longer than I have…and being sheltered from statewide and federal politics. I know there has been corruption, waste, and fiscal irresponsibility in Caroline County long before I came here, but nothing I’ve Delve In

Matt Rowe Speaks to Lake Caroline

October 15, 2016 0

Matt Rowe (D), Caroline County resident and the Democrat nominee for Congress in the 1st District, spoke in Lake Caroline Thursday night at an event hosted by former Commonwealth’s Attorney Tony Spencer. Matt Rowe is a Graphic Information Systems analyst and a Delve In

Significant Format Changes At Pendleton Penn

July 24, 2016 0

My original intent for the purpose of Pendleton Penn was to serve the citizens of Caroline County by providing an editorial account of the political and cultural news happening in the County. However, my love of State and National politics and the Delve In

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