Caroline County Votes

Despite the clownish and utterly childish media coverage of these Presidential Primaries, on Tuesday, March 1st, Virginians and Caroline County residents will head to the polls to vote for the candidate of their choice to represent them in this autumn’s general election. The Republican Party has seen record setting activity in every state, as Democrats, Moderates, Conservatives, and Constitutional Libertarians have shown up in droves to have their say in this GOP Primary. There is no reason to suspect that Virginia and Caroline County will fail to follow suit.

While I pray that Caroline Residents select their candidate thoughtfully, I know that elections, like the stock market, have become a chaotic mess of emotion, passion, and prejudice. With 48 hours between now and when you vote this Tuesday, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage every Virginian and Caroline County resident to get informed (and no Fox News and CNN do not perform this function for you). Do not let the media select the next President. I recommend that everyone consider what issues are most important to them and then investigate where our candidates stand on these issues.

There are some short-cuts and easy-buttons for folks who just aren’t sure what the issues are, how they feel about them, and where the candidates stand. The first is a website called I Stand With (Click Here). ( is packed full of analysis of both the presidential candidates and your own personal political philosophy. Unfortunately, the usability of this site is more difficult than one would hope. To get an accurate assessment you must answer all the questions (which you have to choose to do because they are not all offered) and you have to accurately choose just how much of a priority each individual question (or issue) actually is to you. To view all the options under each question, select “Other Stances”.  If you can successfully navigate this site, it should give you an accurate assessment of your political philosophy and match you with candidates who closely agree with you.

Another easy-button is a website called On The Issues (Click Here). This site is very brief, easy to use, and highly accurate without much analysis. If you just want to take a cut and dry look at where these Presidents Candidates stand, then On The Issues isn’t a bad place to start.

A third option would be to come to Lewis & Clark Elementary School between 6am and 7pm on Tuesday and allow me to sell you on Senator Ted Cruz. Whether or not you are a Democrat or a Republican, I’ll be there with a smile and a sales pitch, crafted specifically for your voting needs.

In Caroline County, if you are voting at a precinct located at one of our Caroline County Schools, it is important to remember that Schools will be open for some of the day and that children may be on the premises. Please be respectful of the both children and teachers and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. I do not believe sending thousands of adults onto school property while school is in session is a bad idea, but we can all help to make sure this process is safe and respectful by keeping a sharp eye and behaving thoughtfully and respectfully of the situation ourselves.

Tuesday, March 1st, cast your informed vote and have your say on the kind of government you want. It’s your right and civic duty.

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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.