Caroline County: New Chairman of Board of Supervisors to be Selected Tuesday

Tomorrow, Tuesday January 12th, the Caroline County Board of Supervisors will choose their new Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Appointments for Board of Equalization (Port Royal and Alternates), Social Services Board (Western Caroline District), Board of Zoning Appeals (Port Royal), and Recreation Advisory Committee (At-Large) will be made as well.

Caroline Residents: This will be your first opportunity to see Madison District Supervisor Clay Forehand and Port Royal Supervisor Nancy Long on the board. Two new board members is a big deal for a County, so whatever disappointments you may have had in the past could be changing in 2016. What we do know is that Jeff Black and Jeff Sili have often voted together on a number of issues, especially those related to fiscal restraint, especially unexamined, spur of the moment proposals. Floyd Thomas and Reggie Underwood have also often voted together in support for infrastructure spending, especially on education. No one knows how Nancy Long or Clay Forehand will vote or exactly what their priorities on the board will be, so these first few months will be very interesting for people interested in our local government.

I would also suggest going to the board agenda, if you cannot attend, and check out some of the documents. You can grab a peak at some of our financial expenditures here in Caroline County. If you are interested in some of the process and rules relating to the board of supervisors, beginning with the first meeting of the year, you can read about it here, for example, how long members can serve as Chairman etc.

As usual, tomorrow evening after the meeting I will post a full summery of the highlights minus the minutia for those who cannot attend, but as always, I continue to look forward to meeting more concerned citizens of Caroline County and our Board of Supervisors meetings is the place I’ll be easiest find. There are breaks during these Board Meetings and I’m usually up at the front (Just like in High School), so if you are a back of the room student, find me in a break. The Board of Supervisors is our government, the determine how we grow, how our money is spent, how much debt we’re in, how our schools and police and fire departments are cared for, and so on. These meetings are not insignificant or even boring (well, there are periods of the boring within every meeting, but there is also a great deal of valuable information in every meeting as well).

See you there!

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