Can Donald Trump and Speaker Ryan Unite The GOP?

Now that Donald Trump has secured the Republican Nomination, it is time for him to switch gears and promote fiscally responsible policies and bureaucratic reforms in support of the Republicans in Congress. Donald Trump’s propensity for changing his mind and positions should actually help Congressional Republicans, if Donald Trump agrees to get behind their legislative agenda.

Tonight, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (Wisconsin), is scheduled to address the convention about the Republican Leadership’s “A Better Way” policy agenda. If there is to be unity or cooperation between the factions of the GOP in an election year, it is incumbent upon Mr. Trump to throw his weight and support behind Speaker Ryan’s agenda – making it clear to the country where our future President stands on the issues.

At present, Donald Trump’s progressive agenda prioritizes building a border wall (while making Mexico pay for it), raising taxes and tariffs, increasing subsidies to our country’s energy, manufacturing, and agricultural industries, and crushing Islamic State on the field of battle  (and taking their oil to pay for the war). While this agenda has garnered a great deal of support from Democrats, Independents, and Populists, it has left conservatives with little to get excited about.

The majority of politically active conservatives aren’t interested in tough rhetoric. They are looking for thoughtful reforms which stand a chance of working their way through Congress. Speaker Ryan and Republican Nominee Donald Trump must work together to establish thoughtful proposals to reform how our federal government operates.

Congressman Wittman (R. Virginia’s 1st District) often speaks about the importance of the REINS ACT and of budgetary reforms which incentivize savings over spending. Such reforms would save Americans billions of dollars a year, not to mention create thousands of new jobs. Trump should publically support such proposals, promising to give a boost to the economy and to wages.

The conservative movement, since Coolidge, has been against higher taxes, regulations, and federal intrusion. Donald Trump should dump his calls for higher taxes on the rich and threats of higher tariffs on popular products which are affordable for America’s poor. Americans pay enough in taxes and tariffs as it is and the standard bearer for the Republican Party should not be seen as promoting their expansion.

Donald Trump, an experienced and successful businessman, has the appropriate resume for such a reform agenda. He is perfectly positioned to make the case to the American People that we need better, smarter, and more fiscally responsible government. However, conservatives don’t need rhetoric. They need to see a real, clear policy initiative, and that is precisely what cooperation between the Speaker’s Office and Donald Trump could provide.

Finally, it is extremely important to the conservative base that Donald Trump and Speaker Ryan provide a legislative agenda that saves more money than it spends. We’ve had enough of well-meaning reforms which simply served to expand the federal government, increase the number of federal workers, and expand the federal debt. We need to trust that, from top to bottom, the Republican Party is committed to strengthening our economic conditions at the center of our economy (which, unfortunately, the federal government has become).

Donald Trump and Speaker Ryan have a real opportunity tonight to set a national agenda the entire Republican Party can support. We’re ready to rally the moment we’re given something to rally around.


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