Breaking News: Overtime Pay Regulations Blocked by Texas Court

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This could affect dozens of Caroline Residents in Retail Management.

A federal court on Tuesday blocked implementation of a rule imposed by President Barack Obama’s administration that would have made an estimated 4 million more higher-earning workers across the country eligible for overtime pay starting Dec. 1.

The U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Texas granted the nationwide preliminary injunction that prevents the Department of Labor from implementing the changes while the regulation’s legality is examined in more detail by the court. The order comes after 21 states sued the agency to block the rule before it took effect.

“Businesses and state and local governments across the country can breathe a sigh of relief now that this rule has been halted,” said Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who led the coalition of states fighting the rule and has been a frequent critic of what he characterized as Obama Administration overreach. “Today’s preliminary injunction reinforces the importance of the rule of law and constitutional government.”

While I opposed these regulations in the first place, because they would cost jobs, increase workloads and decrease the time in which employees could accomplish their tasks, about 4 million Americans were ready to enjoy new overtime laws that are now, all of a sudden, in question.

I know that people making less than $47,000 in salaried positions were praying that this executive order went through, but many of you have not considered whether your job would be the one that disappeared to pay for the higher costs of the 19 others that stayed. I get it, the odds are actually, ever in your favor.

This move is not surprising. This was not a law passed by Congress. It was an illegal law passed by the President and the President alone. By stopping this bill, it will put the matter on hold until the Trump Administration takes effect. I would be surprised to see a President Trump confirm such an unconstitutional executive order.

Still, it could happen. I worked as a retail manager for years and tried to tell my fellow travelers that these kinds of mandates would never actually take effect. If you are in a salaried position for pay that you feel is less than you deserve, I encourage you to take jobs with companies that pay better wages. I myself choose to take lower wages for a job that offered a vastly superior quality of life. Retail is hell; but managing hell is kind of an adrenaline rush.

The court agreed with plaintiffs that the Department of Labor exceeds its delegated authority with the rule, and that it could cause irreparable harm if it was not quickly stopped.

The Department of Labor had no immediate comment on the order on Tuesday.

So, don’t blame your companies. Blame an overly ambitious executive branch. If you have questions about retail jobs, salaries, and what companies pay the best wages, feel free to contact me at It appears this coup d’etat failed as expected. Those who pushed this are to blame for your dashed expectations, not your employers.

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