Ann Coulter Desperately Trying to Use the Rise of Trump to Save Her Floundering Career

Ann Coulter has made a fortune peddling snide and seething remarks in between unbearably boring editorials in what appears to be an endless series of identical publications. Coulter rarely has anything intelligent to say, but she understands just how angry our government has made us, and figures she can make a quick buck marketing strings of stinging insults, clever derisions, and vicious one liners into things her publisher advertises as books. Conservatives read her books because it feels good. It feels good to have someone articulate the kind of rabidly irrational and mean-spirited sentiments that come to our minds when our emotions take over. These are not intelligent thoughts mind you – they are the kind of thoughts we have to delete from Twitter or Facebook the next day, after the anger slips away and we come back to our senses.

Therefore, I am not the least bit surprised that Ann Coulter has jumped on board the Donald Trump Birther bandwagon. After all, Trump, like Coulter, has figured out how to use the anger of the American People to his benefit. Coulter couldn’t possibly miss a chance to hitch her wagon to his, to ensure access to Trumps’ following, which is already considerably more numerous than her own. Besides, Coulter hasn’t even quipped anything relevant in years. So while Trump uses angry conservatives to become President, Coulter will use Trump to become relevant.

Donald Trump has garnered most of his support by playing to people’s frustration over illegal immigration, but he has also taken it a great deal further. He bought into the Obama Birther movement and is now questioning whether or not Ted Cruz should be able to be President because he was born in Canada. He’s also made a number of references to Cruz’s father being born in Cuba. The message is clear – you can’t trust those immigrants or the children of immigrants. Blacks, Latinos, Asians… these are the people Trump wants Republicans to be skeptical of and cynical toward – and surprisingly, its’ working. The anger Americans have felt over poor federal policy for the last twenty years has boiled over into hatred and a blind, unthinking rage. Trump merely suggests that someone is a foreigner and Trumps’ followers grit their teeth and clench their fists and hate.

Only Trump can save us. Only Trump can win. Only Trump is a real American.

Coulter needs to be a part of this story. Before Donald Trump, stirring up this level of anger was her only shtick, and she had the market cornered. However, her one liners have become tiresome and The Donald’s are fresh. She’ll follow him around to this is all over, one way or another.

Ann Coulter Tweeted that it was absolutely false that being born to an American Citizen makes Ted Cruz a Natural Born Citizen, even though, you know, he’s been a US citizen since birth. We already know that Coulter doesn’t actually believe this. In this same article, she’s quoted as explaining why Cruz is a natural born citizen and eligible to be President.

But this has nothing to do with Donald Trump or Ted Cruz. This is all about Ann Coulter, wanting people to talk about Ann Coulter. So, I’d like to oblige her.

Ann, you are a fear-mongering, ignorant, political hack, who’s level of interesting drops with every increase in the publics collective intelligence. Donald Trump may be winning over America, but you are a joke. You’ve always shown up last to every ideological battle, capitalizing on the conservative mood months after it had already been established.

Whether Donald Trump wins or loses should be irrelevant to Ann Coulter’s diminishing credibility and importance in American Media and literary taste.



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  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    Wow, it’s getting nasty.

  • Indeed it is.

  • John Lee

    Coulter has been truly disappointing for some time now. Her support of the liberal Chris Christie really had me questioning her judgement, and being a fan of some of her early books, and biting wit, I’ve had to rethink my own judgement for being fooled by her so-called conservatism. She doesn’t seem conservative in the slightest.

    • I think she used the conservative movement to get rich, which is fine, but I just hope conservatives aren’t actually listen to her endorsements. She does ravage liberals and it’s fun to cheer her on, but just because someone brutalizes a liberal or the media doesn’t make them allies.

      • John Lee

        I think you are right. She’s more of a GOP cheerleader, rather than a conservative. If she truly believed what she used to write and say, she would be 100% behind Ted Cruz.

  • NC77

    And you know all this inner thinking of Coulter how? Sounds like you are just projecting from the left because it is the left who is really waging war on women.

    • Not at all, I’m not the one who backed Chris Christie. She is. She’s not a liberal, but she’s definitely establishment.

  • seanmom

    She’s the one who insisted we nominate Romney. She wanted him this time, too, even after Trump showed up. Now that he’s clearly no longer an option, Coulter wants Trump because he spews ideas that keep her book relevant. Even though he has nothing but disdain for her true political love, Romney. There’s a word for women who trade love for money. And we all know what it is.