A Desperate Plea to the Youth

Of all the dangers that beleaguer our nation, I believe that our irresponsible attitude toward thrift and liberty are the most perilous. It is not that government itself, by virtue of its definition, is a necessary evil. No evil is ever necessary. It is not that, deprived of wise and far-seeing men, we teeter on the brink of one crisis after another. Rather, we have agreed together to call wisdom foolishness and to condemn the genius of those who can see further than the needs of today, as nothing more than fearmongers.

It is as if, enshrined at the very heart of our minds, we do not believe we have a future – and we do not want to be the ones to sacrifice that which will inevitably, one day, be sacrificed first. We believe, we can survive just a little while longer.

Does that not explain perfectly the results we see before us today. We will lie to ourselves, bury our heads in the sand, shrug off every warning, ignore the black clouds in the distance and the smoke plumes rising from the mouth of the volcano – we will do anything but face the realities that stand stubbornly before us, thinking we can survive just a little while longer.

I believe that even many of those who understand the nature of the crisis before us, who scold their neighbors and lecture one another about fiscal responsibility, do not truly want to see fiscal responsibility in their lifetime. They do not believe it’s possible and they do not want to give up the benefits provided to them by their governments. They hope that someday, when men are better, when the system isn’t so corrupt, that their children and grandchildren would live in a country more free, more prosperous, and more responsible than the country they live in today. But they don’t believe it and deep down they simply hope we can survive just a little while longer.

Young people should be in a state of revolution against their parents and grandparents, but they are not. They’ve chosen a different course. Our young people are not stupid and they are not blind. They see their parents and grandparents spending wealth that has not yet been earned, in such great amounts that it might never be earned in the lifetime of anyone presently alive. Powerless and discouraged, these young people want to take whatever they can get their hands on now for themselves. They’ve seen how this system works. Like their parents and grandparents, they’ve got needs, and desires, and loans, and bills, and they want in on the scam – before it’s too late, before the money is all gone. They don’t believe we can keep this up, but they hope they can survive just a little while longer.

I don’t know how adults can look their children in the eye these days. I suspect that many of them don’t. I suspect that many of them have turned their children, as they’ve turned their own freedom and sovereignty, over to the will and authority of the State. No parent wants to see their children suffer and truly, with real guilt in their hearts, I believe these parents pray that this once great thing called America survives just a little while longer.

Sadly, we all know that the virtues and principles and hard work that built this great nation are now rarely valued and appreciated. In fact, we see the rise of an anti-culture aimed at the soul of what allowed us to be the most free and prosperous people in the history of the world. I can see it in your eyes, all the guilt and shame and fear, knowing that it was you and your parents who, for no good reason but that you listened to the sirens song of liberal socialists, spent to the point of exhaustion the future of your children and grandchildren.

You’re angry, hopefully, and mostly with yourselves, and you’ve assigned the blame as best you can. Not that it does those of us who have a long time to live much good at all; and not that most of us are brave enough to face the future you’ve left us. But you’re angry nonetheless. The future you’ve presented your children with is frightening and I can hardly blame them for not wanting to think about what it all means and what you’ve set in store for them. In fact, I am not surprised if they choose not to think at all – thinking, seeing, and knowing, when what there is to be known, and seen, and understood is terrible, is an easy thing to sacrifice and to avoid.

Ignorance is bliss, but we hope this country can hang on just a little while longer.

My hope is that young people do rise up in revolution, take over this government, and rebuild a free and responsible nation. To all the young people who have taken a look at politics, who have seen and have been horrified at what you have seen. Do not let the discouragement, the frustration, or the injustice turn you away from those levers of power. While your contemporaries embrace socialism in one final attempt to steal the last vestiges of future wealth yet to be earned, do not smile at them, or laugh with them, or tell them it’s ok. Take your government back. Get involved. Do the hard work and experience the long-suffering, and strip this government from the clenched fists of your parents and grandparents, because you know what your parents and grandparents know – we’re not going to survive, not this way, for very much longer at all.


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Graduated From Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. Studied Economics and History at George Mason University. Caroline County Resident and Activist.