7th District: Mount Up!

UNITED STATES - JUNE 03: Reps. Dave Brat, R-Va., right, and Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., confer during a House Budget Committee hearing in Cannon Building titled "The Congressional Budget Office: Oversight Hearing," June 3, 2015. CBO Director Keith Hall, testified. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Congressman Dave Brat’s victorious campaign to represent Virginia’s 7th District was just about the greatest thing I’ve seen in politics. Dr. Brat is an intellectual, an academic, an economist, a conservative and republican that understands the classical libertarian philosophies undergirding the freedom movement in America. He’s a constitutionalist and a man who respects the virtues of process and procedure, and honors the sovereignty of his constituency.

Since Congressman Brat has been in office, I have only disagreed with him on one issue – and I wasn’t alone. During that fight, the Congressman took our calls, he made his arguments, and he stood his ground, even against his supporters, until Boehner started upending the process. I am referring to the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind. It is a great example of a constitutional officer executing his oath of office. He disagreed with us and us with him, but he never shut anyone out. He never stopped answering his phone. He didn’t all of a sudden become unavailable like most Congressmen in Washington D.C. He tried to convince you and allowed you to try to convince him. Could you imagine getting the same respect from Eric Cantor or Mike Wade?

We’ve held Dave Brat to the most unrealistic standards asked of any Congressman in Washington D.C., and he’s delivered. He hasn’t let us down. Not once.

Now, the old guard, the colleagues of Cantor, the allies of Allen, and the captives of Cobb are back. Everything they tried to do to silence Dave Brat two years ago, they are going to try again. Only, this time, they won’t make the mistake of not taking the Congressman seriously. As hard as you fought to throw Cantor out of Congress two years ago, you’ll have to work just as hard, if not harder now. The element of surprise is gone.

I know that many of you in the 7th District are busy working for Rubio, for Cruz, for Trump, for Paul, and for Carson. Don’t forget about your Congressman. Remember, Dave Brat didn’t become a Congressman the day the primary was held. It started months before that. It started when the conservative grassroots rose up against slating. It started when you helped Fred Gruber defeat Linwood Cobb. It started in your local Republican Parties.

You know all too well that we’re not talking about showing up and voting during a primary. We need to be electing allies to every office we can. We need to keep Fred Gruber as Chairman in the 7th and we need to put Ron Hedlund on the State Central Committee. We need to make sure that the 7th District remains the most phenomenally conservative district in the country.

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich aren’t going anywhere. The establishment isn’t busy. We are. They’ve all but given up spending their time getting a GOPe nominated in Virginia. All their attention has turned against Congressman Dave Brat and reclaiming their imagined right to the 7th District.

I know that I live a few miles outside of your district, but I was there with you two years ago and I’ll be there with you today. It’s 2016. For the 7th District that means it is time to stand your ground, to defend what you have won, and not merely stand still, but move forward.

Trump people, Cruz People, Carson People, Rubio People…. Conservatives of the 7th District, I ask you to remember to protect your most important victory, and to reelect Congressman Dave Brat. Join your local committee now. Register to be a delegate at the 7th District Convention. The 7th District could easily lose everything they won two years ago if they fail to reengage now. Most people in America… heck most people in Virginia would die for a Congressman like Dave Brat. Don’t let it slip through your fingers.





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  • David Southall

    I disagree, given the opportunity I’ll write an opposing view for the blog.

  • I’ll give you that opportunity any time.

  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    In your opinion, if Brat gets a primary opponent, who will the Democrats show up and vote for? Or, will there be a Convention? How is this going to play out? Was the pledge designed to hurt Trumph and Brat? What’s the deal?