Significant Format Changes At Pendleton Penn

July 24, 2016 0

My original intent for the purpose of Pendleton Penn was to serve the citizens of Caroline County by providing an editorial account of the political and cultural news happening in the County. However, my love of State and National politics and the Delve In

Only Republicans Can Unite The Republican Party

July 23, 2016 2

17 courageous men and women ran for the Republican nomination for President. Each of our Republican candidates underwent scrutiny. Each of our Republican candidates took their licks. Even candidates who never polled over 1%, like Governor Gilmore and South Caroline Senator Lindsey Delve In

Donald Trump: The Undisputed Republican Nominee

July 22, 2016 0

Donald Trump’s Convention Speech was everything I expected it to be. Mr. Trump and his family reached out to Democrats on women’s issues, gay rights, the protection of unions, all while avoiding social-conservative hot button issues like abortion. He reached out to Delve In

How Donald Trump Achieves His Landslide Victory

July 21, 2016 0

Donald Trump is the Republican Party’s Nominee for President of the United States. It was a long, impetuous, and balkanizing journey – but here we are. Over the next few days we’ll watch as exhausted members of the GOP announce their meaningless Delve In

Has RPV Already Decided That Corey Stewart is The One?

July 20, 2016 0

With Donald Trump’s definitive nomination, the vast majority of Republicans are rallying around the nominee, willing to give this unconventional candidate a shot at implementing unconventional solutions to a whole host of problems which, despite all our best efforts and rhetoric, Republicans Delve In

Can Donald Trump and Speaker Ryan Unite The GOP?

July 19, 2016 0

Now that Donald Trump has secured the Republican Nomination, it is time for him to switch gears and promote fiscally responsible policies and bureaucratic reforms in support of the Republicans in Congress. Donald Trump’s propensity for changing his mind and positions should Delve In

The Intolerance of the Illiberal Left

July 18, 2016 0

When Tim Scott became the first African-American Senator in the south since Reconstruction, it didn’t take long for left wing idealists to coalesce around a typical strategy: portray their rival as a sub-human moron.  North Carolina NAACP leader William Barber quipped, “A Delve In

Will Paul Ryan Survive To Realize His Potential?

July 17, 2016 0

Paul Ryan’s storybook rise to power in the House of Representatives has been met with resounding acceptance and excitement by his fellow Congressmen on The Hill. However, after losing every primary challenge in 2016, the conservative grassroots appears poised to channel their frustrations Delve In

Donald Trump’s Lasting Effect On the Conservative Movement

July 16, 2016 0

The last 24 hours have been difficult for me, as I watched Donald Trump and his progressive populists obliterate all the reforms offered by Morton Blackwell and the conservatives. This unity pact between Donald Trump, the progressive populists, and the establishment served Delve In

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